Anonymous said: So I'm watching your integration video and it's mentioned that Molly has DID. Do her alters automatically become alters in the system of Jeff? Is it possible for Molly to switch within her own system while fronting Jeff's body?

Yo anon, you caught me just as I was gonna log Emrys off - aren’t you lucky? :p

Anyway, yes, my alters are alters in the system of Jeff - Shade and Ripple on the group pic is them. But we’re also a weird type of sub-system known as the Black Sun system.

On the inner world, Shade Ripple and me share my body so we front one at a time or have cocon - you know, like any other DID system, but we all share my inner world body. There’s then another layer of the inner world which is my inner world and its completely inaccessible to anyone but me, Ripple and Shade.

When fronting out here, it can vary. If Shade is out on the inner world they can be triggered out to front here. We don’t switch too much so it’s usually me who’ll come out. We can then switch between one another easily, but it takes a bit more effort to get another Jeff back out. If we switch between each other we go to my inner world, if we switch to another Jeff then the last person out returns to my body in the main inner world.

I think the reason Shade and Ripple exist as a subsystem for us is because - in my fictional canon - i go through some pretty awful stuff as a kid and, unfortunately, I think a few similarities might have been drawn form the body’s own experience and fragments influencing the creation of my fictional canon character - looong before I was an alter here - I’m talking when Scar was about 11. Though, I have noticed discrepancies between what I can remember, and what is reported as having happened - any reports are taken straight from the fictional canon whilst our memory is affected by the system of Jeff. So,it’s highly likely we have taken some of the more traumatic memories from the others as our system was built specifically to cope with the darker stuff.

So, when I split due to Emrys’ stress, Shade and Ripple took some of those darker memories and hid them away in our subsystem, making sure none of the other Jeffs could ever access them again. So, my system acts like a firewall between the other Jeffs and those memories.

 I’ve seen other similarities between the Jeff inner world and Calkaria and Abbie says she did have a hand in influencing my planet’s creation so a transition to a larger world would be familiar if it was ever needed so, yeah. I think Calkaria is heavily based of Jeffs inner world and life in one way or another.

I hope that answers your questions, feel free to ask me more and I will answer them after I’ve got some sleep.

Thank you for your interest :)


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Anonymous said: [TW for abuse] Hi, I believe I may have a little alter, I'm 16 years old and I have a history of severe abuse and neglect. I start to feel that my legs go numb and then my whole body starts to, then I lose memory of around 90% of what happens. I have communicated by leaving myself notes which I don't remember writing, and I'm sorry I just have only noticed this happening recently and it's quite a scary feeling. I have felt in situations where people are being childish and kind this overwhelming

Ok, it’s really late for me but I felt as though i had to answer this before I log off, but I apologise now for any typos I make.

It is entirely possible you may have an altr, but it could be another disorder - there are a lot out there. I am by no means a professional and you should definitely get checked out by a psych who knows about DID but for now, here are some suggestions to try and piece togther the puzzle.

Firstly, don’t panic. I know that sounds rubbish but do everything you can to stop yourself freaking out about this discovery. It’s very common for people to only start noticing something is wrong at about your age - I know Scar never notced annything out of the prdinary until age 16 although it had been happening for years. So don’t think you’re alone, there are probably a load of people who can sympathise.

When you say 90% you mean you get flashes of what kind of happened, but find it hard to place the dots, right? Again, this can be common so dn’t panic. If it is DID, it’s pretty normal.

To stop dissociation try some grounding techniques - we have a glitter jar and carry an ipod wherever we go. You can even dig your nails into your palm but I suggest getting somthign to replace that pretty quickly lik something cold, or something to fiddle with. But for emergency grounding, that will do - and I mean emergency, DO NOT dig your nails in unless there are no options open to you.

You say that you find notes - trust me, this si good. It means you can communicate if this is an alter. Ask them their name, age and gender that way you can see if it’s you or someone else. If the handwriting a bit differnt? This can also be a sign of an alter being present. Once a dialogue starts up, get a journal to write in and ask them to write a bit about themsleves and the system if they know (we had a friend to do this for us and highly recommend finding soemoen to confide in you can see rgulary - but I know that’s not always an option.)

Before you lose meory, you could be describing a form of depersonalisation - I have more derealisiation so I’m not sure, but it sounds like some people’s testimonys so it could be that. Again, this is a common thing in DID so just try to remain calm. The more you panic, the worse it’s goign to be - trying to fight a switch is a nightmare and I only recommend doing so if you know you’re going to be in danger if you switch.

Finally, I would reccomend taking the Dissociative Experiences Scale test online, printing it out, and taking it to a doctor. This should put you in good stead and the copies you find online via google are pretty much the same as the prelimary question you have to fill out when being diagnosed with DID (at least at the place we went to)

But, I really recommend seeing a prfessional about DID and reaching out to a lot of systems if you can. Going it alone is horrible - we should know.

*hugs is wanted*

Also, let you supposed alter know via a note that they’re welcome to talk to us if they want to and we’ll try and help you figure it all out.

I’m really sorry for any typos, I’m way too tired to spot them right now.


Anonymous said: I know your photos are pic-fits, but you all seem to have fabulous hair :)

I assume you’re talking about everyone else since my photos are of the body :p

But thanks :) Darling is a hairdresser and she cuts everyone’s hair. Scarlet cuts Darky’s in return and they both dye the body’s hair with help from a friend and Darling controls the body’s hairstyle - with help from Viva and Tor.

Thank you again :)

Emrys :)


Meanwhile in the UK….

It was BLATANT sabotage and i hope she gets kicked out next week. She could ahve just moved it into a another freezer, or put hers in another one, but oh no. She had to be a bitch.
I hope all of her bakes fail forever more.


Meanwhile in the UK….

It was BLATANT sabotage and i hope she gets kicked out next week. She could ahve just moved it into a another freezer, or put hers in another one, but oh no. She had to be a bitch.

I hope all of her bakes fail forever more.

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I made a video :D I don’t know if it makes sense at all. But oh well

What’s the line between being multiple and being a misinformed/attention seeking singlet? Here I think about that. Expect a better video soon but for now, this will do.


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kaylamcewan said: I was the one who sent that anon! Thanks for the tip about meditation, we will give it a try! :) -kayla

:D I’m glad I could help in some way

Thank you again for the wonderful message *blush*


Anonymous said: your system are such inspirations to us, you are all so strong and we hope one day we can be as functional as you guys, stay strong. sending you guys love and hope your all okay <3

Oh my Hatsu, thank you so much anon.

We still have our bad days, though, please remember that you don’t have to be 100% perfect to be functional.

Also, this gonna sound a bit weird, but can I suggest a bit of meditation? We’ve found it really helpful to get cocon working well, which has made us a lot more functional :p I do a bit every day if I can, and I have pretty much constant cocon now. I don’t know if it’s just us, but I think it could help. It also helped with my anxiety a lot, and my anger I sometimes have issues with :D

Thank you so much for this message :D You’ve really made my night :D

wish you all the best,

Emrys x

But I’m quite cute, too if we’re boasting.


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Do ever just stop and think ‘god my family is hot’?

I was looking through pictures of Rin, Darling and me when we were out shopping last week (inner world btw)

I was just like ‘fuck we’re good looking’.

I mean, look at us:

There’s me, the slightly rough around the edges, girl next door:


Then there’s my sister: the sharp, protective dom that you don’t want to mess with.


And finally the human barbie that is Rin.


Geez, how did this brain manage to create such a perfect trio :p

Alicia x

*all photos are merely photo-fits, and are merely a representation of the hotness that is us.

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Everyone is my system is a real fucking person, with real feelings and if you have a problem with that well I have news for you my friend

I do not fucking care

Go and fuck yourself

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You know, if anyone wants any other DID headcanons for other universes, I’m happy to research and reply :)

Scarlet x

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Rachel and Connor having a bust up

Rachel yelling about how Connor cant really love her because ‘she’s a lying, over exaggerating, fake piece of shit.’ among other things about herself.

Connor trying to tell her he loves her anyway and to come back to bed so he can hug her and just give her the love she deserves (he means hugs, not sex).

But of course there’s something wrong with that as well.

Ugh, I don’t doubt they’re going to be ok. They have arguments like this all the time and they settle down eventually - usually when Rach has calmed down.

But, this is the first time I’ve been out to hear it. Usually I an just stick headphones in and ignore it but not out here.

Oh no, out here it’s inside my fucking head.

Can you have an argument when it isn’t 4am, please?

Also, I can see it if I close my eyes and focus, which is really weird. I feel like I’m spying on them.

I don’t like it.


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The harry potter video :p the text post to accompany this is here: Link

Thank you Emrys for typing that out for me.

Anyway, this question in my ask box made me smile, then I had sugar, then I full sugar coke so I got madly hyper and I went on sooo many tangents I apologise.

The text post doesn’t have my babble. BUT, if anyone wanted to see what  I said then just go ahead and watch :)

Scarlet x

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