Doing coursework whilst I watch movies and Abbie chatters about previous alters in the system. It’s interesting, and I can’t believe I’m doing all this at once…


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Let me clarify something here.

Trauma. Not a gift.

Abuse. Not a gift.

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, time loss, and the various other co-morbid disorders. Not a gift.

The way our brains decided to protect us from trauma and abuse so we could have the ability to function as normally as possible in…

I know I already replied on the ask this is from but I have to reblog this bit of it because… YES. JUST YES!

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Anonymous said: you know there's a girl claiming did is a blessing on here right?






Yes and I do and I want to say please don’t listen to her

No mental disorder is a blessing and DID is not a fun thing to have, whilst I love my alters with all my heart this is not a nice cute disorder. I have days missing from my memory, I can’t concentrate well and don’t get me started on what it’s like when everyone talks at once. 

Bottom line; DID is not fun and it is not a blessing or a gift so PLEASE don’t think that ever.

I think if people with DID want to view it as a blessing, what’s wrong with that? There are people who view BPD as a blessing too - it doesn’t mean they don’t have the disorder, it just means they’re choosing to look at certain aspects and appreciate them.

I have been diagnosed, and I happen to believe that dissociation is a blessing for me. I’m grateful for it, and although I agree there are negative aspects, I know that without the ability to dissociate, I probably would not have survived.

Just because something has negative aspects doesn’t mean it can’t be a blessing, and if this loses me friends/followers/whatever, well, we weren’t meant to be in each other’s lives, I guess.

I view it as a blessing sometimes, too, though not always.

It isn’t the DID exactly that makes my life hard. It was the abusers that made my life hard. It is the PTSD and all the triggers because of abuse, that make my life hard.

Not my headmates though. They’re each trying to help in their own ways, or trying to tell their stories, and each trying to figure out how to live this life. I may not always agree with what they’re doing/saying and the coping strategies they use may not always be healthy - but that is not because our headmates are “bad” but because they just learned to do it that way and have not found better ways yet.

that’s my two cents on this topic.

I think if somebody wants to view it as a blessing - well that is THEIR view of things. Just like DID is a different experience for everyone, their view of it is different for everyone.

Agreed. <3

Let me clarify something here.

Trauma. Not a gift.

Abuse. Not a gift.

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, time loss, and the various other co-morbid disorders. Not a gift.

The way our brains decided to protect us from trauma and abuse so we could have the ability to function as normally as possible in daily life without being affected by the abuse instead of going insane or dying of agony.


The relationships we have with our alters.


Our alters.


If you have a problem with me, you can say it to my face, off anon. Multiples are already divided as it is. This is not helping.

- Nikao

I’m the one who wrote this:

Now tell me how I think this is a cute, pleasant disorder, and that I can’t possibly be speaking from personal experience.

I agree so much. I wish we’d never been abused. I wish we didnt have to be a system. I wish we’d never been through any of the stuff we have. But, wow. DID is… wow. It’s amazing. Our brains are so amazing at what they can do. How they can keep the body alive when it should buckle and die, it’s amazing. It literally is a gift because DID kept us alive when we shouldn’t be able to function. It is not a fun and pleasant disorder, but it’s better than the alternative.

For that reason, I view our DID as a gift.

I’ll take a traumatised alter getting therapy whilst others do a uni course over being stuck in that situation of perpetual horror without the ability to function, any day. Even if I have had problems with memory and time loss and anxiety all my life.

Scarlet x

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Anonymous said: I just want to tell you that my youngest alter, Maisy, wants to hug all of you because you guys seem so sad and she hates when people are sad. *scoots a juice box towards you*

Aw thank you *gladly accepts juice box :3*

Tell Maisy we’re ok and we want to give her a big hug back for being so nice and thinking of us.

Scarlet xxxx

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Anonymous said: Is it possible for no one to front so no one's out?

um, let me ask a friend.

Apparently it is - according to a friend of mine. The body just falls unconscious, and it would appear like we’re sleeping. However, whether this is truly no one fronting, or an inanimate objectalter we don’t know about is open for debate.

So, we think it is, but we’re not entirely sure…

Scarlet x

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You know you have DID when…


…you only have 2 hour days instead of the 24 other people insist you do.

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You know you have DID when…


…you can’t answer questions about what your favorite anything is because you don’t want to stop someone else from answering.

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Urge to kill rising again.

It’s because it’s not even funny. It’s just stupid and they need to grow the katach up.


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Finally it’s finished. A really quick informational comic about women in games for my Sociology final. So yeah there’s a lotta stuff here. UuU

Important to us because we want to go into this industry and stupid little gamers (who are the real fakes because they think they’re better than everyone else because of their genitalia) make that almost impossible.

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Anonymous said: Dema, that nonbinary hypothesis you have is brilliant.

Thank you, anon, I’m glad you think so :)

I hope tests will be done in the future to determine exactly what makes someone non-binary as, whether I am right or not, there has to be a reason. Gender does not just happen, it’s all to do with the brain and the way it works.

Dema x

Anonymous said: @Dema: Wow, Calkaria sounds so cool~! I wish I could move there. It just sounds so progressive and overall better. If only we could have Earth speed up its progression so it would be like your planet. Also, you can keep talking more about Calkaria if you'd like. Reading about it is super interesting. :)

I’m happy to talk about Calkaria, what would you lie to know?

I know religion, overall appearence have already been discussed by others in this system. I could do a quick summary of all the countries if you’d like?

Ok, so Calkaria is made up of 12 different regions/countries. These are:

  1. Elyren - the gods
  2. Jukia - fire
  3. Serkia - light (renamed from Meikia)
  4. Lokia - storms (renamed from Demkia)
  5. Manukia - Water
  6. Fahrikia - Air
  7. Illukia - previously ‘unbound by religion’ (activists) now considered to be the country of unity.
  8. Nekkia - sound
  9. Crystalia - ice 
  10. Kirihakia - Metal
  11. Shin-Jun - Earth
  12. Jun-Shin - Darkness

Why did I add an element after each country? Well, this is the thing it is associated with. 

Quick lesson in Ancient Calkarian - the suffic ‘ia’ means ‘of life’. the suffix ‘kia’ means country of life. It means the region is able to support life. ‘Lia’ means ‘land of life’. and ‘karia’ means world of life.

  • Elyren is an island in the middle of the ocean that is incapable of supporting life on its own. However, one building has always stood on the island and has now been turned into Dread Academy - the school I attended. It should be baron, but thanks to N’n’D technologies, a forcefield around the city halts the natural erosion of the waves and makes the terrain traversable. The capital city of the country is Elysia. The region was never renamed to Elykia - even though it technically should be because it can now support life - as ‘Ely’ means begining and ‘ren’ means end. It is said - in legend - to be the place where the gods first touched the soil, and where they died. To rename it would be blasphemy. I think the closest place in your world would be the Bermuda Triangle, if I were to start drawing comparisons. The Dread family make up this regions government, it is the base for the W.A.R.
  • Jukia is a large region, comprised of two regions - the north and south. The north is mainly comprised of cities and is ‘sparkling’. If you view it from space it lights up every night. The south is full of lush forest but has t replanted frequently as forest fires destroy large areas almost every year. It is not safe to be in the forest during a heatwave. It is known as the region of fire due to this, and the word ‘Jun’ meaning sun in Ancient Calkarian. Also, the majority of fire elementals come from this region. This country is controlled by an elected government of officials.
  • Serkia literally translates to ‘the country of speech’ and is ruled by my father - Caesar Meian. It is one of the only remaining monarchies on Calkaria. However, the country was renamed from Meikia, due to political unrest shortly before my birth - the people were unhappy with the king and feeling left behind as the world progressed. The name change, along with the election of a council to aid royal decisions, was done in an attempt to ease this and give the people for of a voice. Serkia is known to have some of the best countrysides and forests in Calkaria. It houses a great array of earth sprites, and is famous for its version of the Maria Rose - a strange rose with pink and blue petals. If I had to compare it to anywhere, I would compare it to the United Kingdom, the south Serkian accent is even similar to London accent. Its association with light is linked to the Meian linage, who are seen as ‘lighting the way for their citizens’. The Meian family crest contains the words ‘Re Sernenani par tu yolina’ Which means ‘We will forever light your way’ (well, more or less. that’s not a literal translation. a closer translation would be ‘We will shine for your journeys’).
  • Lokia is my homeland and is also ruled by the Meian monarchy. However, whilst the west is ruled by King Caesar, the East is ruled by Queen Amira. These two families were separate, until the rulers fell in love and married soon after. Unlike Serkia, Lokia is ruled by the monarch alone. Lokia exists inside a giant  volcano, and it’s name translates to ‘the country of the free’ as it exists between the two remaining clans - the Jun-Shin and the Shin-Jun. Its original name, however,  is Demkia and it is my own namesake. Demkia means ‘country of storms’ as the side of the volcano is frequently hit my lightning, meaning that is is often unsafe to venture outside the interior of the mountain. Due the lava being held back by a forcefield, people have only started living within the mountain in the past few decades but it has meant that the population of Lokia has grown rapidly as, not only is there the space to expand, but less people are dying due to the storms and landslides it can bring with it. I would say Lokia is closest to your Asian countries. I would say it is a mix between Korea and Japan. I am unusually pale for a Lokian girl, and take my colouring from my father’s side - which is unfortunate as the west does not have a great reputation with some of the citizens.
  • Manukia is the country of water, I would say it is closest to Africa in your world. Dark skin is characteristic of the region and manukians are thought to have something called ‘the healing touch’ meaning they are exceptionally good at curing physical health conditions and injuries - I have mentioned the stigma about white doctors being inferior before. Manukians with bright eyes are especially regarded as high, due to their connection to the Dread family line. Manukia, unlike a lot of Calkaria, still uses a tribal based system of government as it is so large. Each tribe then elects a leader to sit on the Manukian council, who then has a spokesperson in the W.A.R council. Water can be scarce in this region, but the elementals connected to water are often born into this region - possibly to counteract the water shortage. The manukian accent is characterised by a lot of tongue clicking, especially when they are disapproving. A Manukian with red hair and sea green eyes, has always had the elemental power of water. It is the only power to follow this continuous pattern, but has been traced back for centuries as appearing in a vessel with these characteristics. The combination of dark skin and bright hair can make a water elemental one of the most striking to look at. The water power also possesses the power to heal, which is why manukians are thought to have this ‘healing touch’.
  • Fahrikia is the country of the wind. It is prone to tornadoes and similar conditions. It sits just above Jukia so I would describe it as Calkaria’s Canada. It follows a fairly standard democratic government and has more trees to people than any other country. However, the frequent winds mean that these tress often end up where they aren’t supposed to - like in people’s homes. Homes in Fahrikia come equipped with the same forcefield technology that makes Elyren in habitable, and holds back Lokias volcanoes. It is a beautiful country, with a lake taking up the middle. On a map, it looks a bit like a donut. People will almost always be found Z-Boarding (hover boarding) over the surface of the water. The people from Fahrikia, have mild mannered voices which are often breathy in nature.
  • Illukia translates to ‘the country of sight’ and they thought they were the only ones who knew the truth about the gods (aka it was all a lie) then they were confronted with some evidence that proved otherwise and the views there are slowly beginning to change. It is thought that they has such a strange view because an elemental has never been born in that region to date - meaning that they did not have the hard proof of the gods’ existence and had to take the countries’ words. Illukia is, again, run by a president but it is thought that it is needed to be kept under intense watch as it renowned for political unrest and Calkaria does not wish to have another war. Illukia is frozen over in the Winter and boiling in the summer, which is why it is now thought to be a country of unity - with two extemes in its climate. If I were to connect it an earth country I would say it like Russia.
  • Nekkia is the country of sound. It is renowned for festivals and music and is a thoroughly enjoyable place to be.The people there are the friendliest on Calkaria and welcome anyone into their culture with open arms. I would compare its culture to Spain on earth. However, the parades it holds are legendary and attending one is on every Calkarian’s list of things to do before they die. Nekkia is also considered to be the country of romance as it it has the highest echora numbers per year. A lot of people report meeting their true love whilst visiting there. Again, it has a presidency.
  • Crystalia is the land of ice and has no official government as it is home to only one tribe - even if it is of great size. I would compare it to your two poles. Despite its name, Crystalia is not a landmass, it is a body of water, frozen to ice. It is under conservation by N’n’D technologies to maintain it and keep it frozen as whilst our technology was developing, it shrunk considerably. The creatures inhabiting Crystalia are thought to be the cutest in the world due to their intense amounts of fluff. The people who inhabit Crystalia are deeply linked to jewels and ice and spiritual healing. It is thought this is why we sometimes refer to jewels as crystals.
  • Kirihakia is the country of metal or, more recently, referred to as the country of technology (though it has not changed it name officially to reflect this). I would compare it Australia if asked. Kirihakia was covered in controversy shortly before my birth due to its cloning experiments, and how far it was pushing technology. It is only recently that cloning has been accepted as ethical under certain circumstances, it is not standard practice. A lot of kirihkia is uninhabitable but the forcefields used to give life to Elyren are now being utilised there as well. It is thought that, within the nest few years, kirihakia will have forests that rival both Fahrikia and Serkia. It also runs off a presidency basis, thought it is questioned as to whether or not N’n’D truly control Kirihakia’s soil. 
  • The Shin-Jun are different in that they have no name for their region and simply use thier clan name to refer to it - which translates to sunrise (‘Shin’ means sun and ‘Jun’ means moon. The Shin-Jun refers to the time the sun rises over the moon and life returns to a darkened planet. The closest modern word for this concept is the sunrise.) It is closely linked to the element of nature as the sun - in Calkarian myth - is not seen as a source of light, but rather the source of life itself. It is thought that the sun shines down and gives life to the planet, allowing it to grow. The Shin-Jun clan live on the outside of the Lokian mount and are closely linked to the Roseario family. They are in constant battle with the Jun-Shin clan due to their opposing views on the world. However, negotiations with Lokia have meant that they have called a truce in the past few years. They do not live on the ground, but rather in the trees. Many of the Shin-Jun are blind due to their worship of the sun and so reply on the other senses to see. They exist on a monarchy and Maria is a Shin-Jun royal.
  • The Jun-Shin are the clan of the sunset and live underneath the Lokian soil around the mountain. It is thought that the original jun-Shin were driven from the Shin-Jun when they opposed the view of the sun being the thing that gave the planet life - arguing that the moon allowed the night life to live. They have since rejected light and live in a state of almost perpetual darkness. They two reply on senses other than sight to see. The Jun-Shin are the darkest side Calkaria has to offer, not only in the literal sense but also in that they are the most outdated race of Calkarian. The exist on a warrior based system and are known child abusers. Any boy born into the Jun-SHin is killed as they are seen as inferior and the Jun-Shin have been known to kidnap men for the sole purpose of making them donate their sperm. Once a girl is born they are moulded into what they consider to be the ultimate warrior. This is not a kind process and many girls from the Jun-Shin run away - or try to at least. Many Jun-Shin survivors develop mental disorders, the most prevalent of which is Dissociative Identity Disorder as this is seen as ‘sought after’ within Jun-Shin culture. It also runs on a monarchy system led by the Darkshine family. Molly is the next in line for the Jun-Shin throne and is seen as perfect leader as she possesses multiple personalities - in Jun-Shin culture the birth child is seen as weak and in order to access the warrior within, the child’s consciousness must split. Molly does not want to return to the Jun-Shin, but says that if she must she will set about changing the way it is run so that - whilst strength will still be referred - it will no longer harm innocent children, a task that her mother tried to accomplish shortly before her death. Molly’s grandmother - the current leader of the clan - is not open for negotiation on this matter and actually went against her child’s (Molly’s mother’s) wishes when she inducted her granddaughter into the ways of the Jun-Shin. Molly was eventually rescued at age five and has no memory of what happened to her, other than what she sometimes sees in nightmares.

So, those are the 12 countries of Calkaria. I hope this was also interesting.

If you want more facts about where I am from, just let me know.

I apologise for any typos. 


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 when you say “nonbinary identities don’t exist BECAUSE SCIENCE”

all you’re telling me is that you don’t know what science is

science is a systematic attempt to describe the world. science does not define the world

if you were to go up to a scientist and say “there are things that exist in the word that science does has not yet adequately described, or described at all” 

the scientist would be like “yeah i know, that’s why i still have a job”

But, science has proven that a transgender person’s brain has more in common with the gender they identify with, rather than the sex they were born as.

Therefore, it’s entirely possible that a nonbinary could have a brain that perfectly aligns to neither sex, therefore creating their non-binary identity.

This is merely a theory because no tests have been done - as far as I know. But it is still a scientific theory that may explain the difference in nonbinary identifications.


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Every multiple is different. Every alter is unique. No two systems function the same.

And that is extraordinarily beautiful.


Just because your system doesn’t function like another doesn’t mean the other is ‘faking.’

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We adore learning about other systems, for precisely this reason. - Dema

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Night Vale gets me.

More than one of a handful, Night Vale. One of a bucket-load, I&#8217;d say.
Dema x


Night Vale gets me.

More than one of a handful, Night Vale. One of a bucket-load, I’d say.

Dema x

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