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This hair may have effected my masculinity.

Also, a wild Rexi appeared.


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No, seriously

I want people to realize they can capitalize on DID.

I want to go online and buy erasable name tags. I want to download apps specified to teaching littles reading and math. I want to find children’s books aimed at littles….

When our lives calm down, Willow and we would love to write some children’ books for littles.

I know we’d be on board for designing T-shirts!

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Finally nearly unpacked properly - only one more room to go (stuff to move out of it and to where it should be) and Tor only had two angry meltdowns. She’s getting better.


It’s more purple than it looks here, but I think it looks alright. Could do with a bit of a re-dye but going to wait a week or two before I touch it again.

It’s more purple than it looks here, but I think it looks alright. Could do with a bit of a re-dye but going to wait a week or two before I touch it again.


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Even though there are still controversial issues, concerning (DID) the proposed diagnostic criteria for this disorder is as follow

Ok, apart from reading like a bad fanfiction, here’s where this has gone wrong and the places where Rex and I basically said ‘uh, wut?’

Multiple personality disorder-Dissociative identity disorder(DID) is attributed to extremes of stress or disorders of attachment. What some express as post-traumatic stress disorder in adults, when it is look upon in children its called DID.’

it’s actually attributed to trauma, not stress. And DID and PTSD are comorbid disorders. PTSD does not present like DID and DID in children is often ignored as imaginary play. I’ve never once heard somebody say it can be PTSD but in another light.

'This is possible due to their using greater depths of imagination as a way of coping. Coping with what? People who have beendiagnosed with DID often report that they have been severely sexually abused, especially during early to middle childhood.’

You know, I really hoped we’d be passed the whole ‘DID is mainly caused by sexual abuse’ yes. A lot of systems report this, but it can also be caused by ANY type of abuse as long as it causes enough trauam to the person experiencing it. I know ours mainly stemmed from physical and emotional abuse and the sexual stuff happened much later AFTER we were already multiple.

It is therefore possible that these individuals, in dealing with these sexually abused episodes, use their imagination to pretend it never happen. While protecting themselves from that evil, it lead them to adopt another personality, this bought on or helped to psychologically bring about the dissociative identity disorder.’

Ok, so the first part is ok. I think it’s mainly the terrible wording (and grammar) that’s annoying me here. The other personality? Yeah, that’s DID. In creating another personality state that takes the memory and deals with the trauma for you, you’ve just become multiple. It’s not psychologically helping to bring on the disorder, it IS the disorder. It’s literally what separates out DID from all the other dissociative disorders. Also, you don’t adopt another personality, the personality is created because your brain literally can’t make sense of what’s gone on in relation to your timeline. ‘This can’t have happened to me, because I know this person and they’d never hurt me’ that’s a kind of, general thought process that can be the beginning of a split (I had Scar tell me what she was thinking around the time Max split because I saw what was  going to happen before it did.)

The next paragraph is actually ok, if not plagued by erorrs which hurt to read.

It’s usage in this respect is in accordance with DISSOCIATED SYSTEMS that are composed of subsystems which are not functionally integrated.

Not entirely sure what that means? I guess that we all have separate thought patterns which don’t work well together. I think the term subsystem is confusing me, as it usually means a separate system within a DID system. Like, we have the black sun subsystem within Jeff, and they function like a DID system all on their own. Subsystems are often present within systems with high numbers, because it makes coping with the disorder easier to deal with.

'Because these subsystems fail to share information with each other, they are considered amnestic. Behaving as if they are independent systems. The (DID) has called these subsystems alter personalities; switching suddenly in terms of control of the whole organism.’

Actually, it’s due to the dissociative barriers between identity states, subsystems, again, means something different. This is also the first time I’ve heard a body referred to as an organism in DID context and it made me laugh and usually switches aren’t so sudden, we switch due to triggers in the environment and, sometimes a switch can be gradual and you go through a horrible switching period which can last hours, if not days.

From systems organizational point of view, even though the personification of alter personalities is an incidental feature of DID, it still covers multiple personalities, and with PSYCHES of individual human beings.’

I’m sorry, what? the alters aren’t incidental, we ARE DID. We are literally what gets you diagnosed with DID, an alter is a multiple personality. We behave with our own psyche, though we are all interlinked deep within the brain because we have to share one, But we in no way function the same way a singular person would.

What is even more disturbing is, all published research demonstrates clinically significant dysfunctional DID, is accompanied by extensive lifetime comorbidity for a variety of other mental disorders’

Rude. Also, yeah trauma does that to a person. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders they all come wonderfully packaged in DID systems - usually. We act as individual people who had trauma. In processing that, we don’t tend to come out unscathed. Alters aren’t mystical beings who can take and hold onto trauma with no repercussions.

According to the DSM-IV rules, people with DID have three or four simultaneous different personality structures. This is refuted by the OXFORD TEXTBOOK of PSYCHOPATHOLOGY, which states, people with DID have only one fragmented personality, not a collection of different people in one body..’

So, I guess with 43 personalties, we’re too big? The DSM says that only two need be present. It does not specify a maximum. I haven’t read the oxford textbook but it sounds like bull. Though we aren’t different people in one body, we are not just one fragmented personality. We started out as a fragment, but developed so far  that you can’t just mush us back together and hope for the best. But, that’s not a comment on this article itself. More that that textbook needs updating.


Then you’ve clearly never met a system. We’re a lot more than fragments of a whole.

he rules should be the same and empirical for every foundation, organization, clinician, researcher, and group, and with the same discourse which applies to ANXIETY, DEPRESSION,PSYCHOSIS, and SUBSTANCE ABUSE.’

It’s really hard to be empirical with DID because it’s a ‘tailor made’ disorder. Every system is different, experienced different trauma, at a different time in life, and took it different ways. I have no idea what you mean by discourse because having gone to the doctors for both anxiety and depression I can tell you the way they deal with it is very different and not standardised in any way.

In this way we have a chance to learn so much more, where we put people in prisons, they might need to be in mental institutions, and an institution of apprentice environment. Some of our great pioneers were DYSLEXICS.. who overcame their disabilities, and made great contributions to the world.

The people who claim to have DID to get out of a crime are usually faking. Not always, but usually. And the fact that that’s where your mind went first is insulting. Also, even if you’re a DID system, you should do the time. It’s never sat well with me that DID is a ‘get out of jail’ card. Sure, you may not have control over alters, but the body still did it. Recreate triggers, and you could get that alter to front again. But maybe that’s just me talking because I know that I’m most likely to commit a violent crime in this system and I’d willingly do the jail sentence if I had to. Also, DID isn’t something to overcome, it’s something to work with.

(and now to the side bar. Because it is gold)

A person that displays two different identities, has been diagnosed as alter egos.

No. An alter ego is not an alternate personality. And ego is an act, an alter is a reaction to trauma.

'Even though there are still controversial issues, concerning (DID) the proposed diagnostic criteria for this disorder is as follow.’

What follows is the actual diagnostic criteria, not a proposed one. Also, how did you misquote the DSM if you’ve read it?

Treatment methods of DID may attempt to reconnect the identities of disparate alters into a single functioning identity. These Treatments include psychotherapy, psychiatric medications for comorbiddisorders, and behavior therapy.’

Also, cooperation via these methods. We’re never going to integrate. Might want to talk about the other type of ‘recovery’ Also, being multiple doesn’t mean you can’t function. The idea of a ‘single functional identity’ s bollocks because you’ll probably actually get a single identity with every alter’s problem. I know we’ve had experiences with integration gone wrong, and it’s not fun or functional.

Some behavior therapists initially use behavioral treatments, such as only responding to a single identity, and using more traditional therapy once a consistent response is established.’

IF A THERAPIST DOES THIS, LEAVE. NOW. THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND DID. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PRETEND TO BE ONE PERSON. LEAVE THAT THERAPIST AND FIND A NEW ONE BECAUSE THEY KNOW FUCK ALL. (also, I’d punch them in the face. I’ve had to be held back from attacking someone who did this. We are not one person, we should not be treated as such. You can’t just ignore DID in the hopes that it’ll go away. All it will do is exacerbate all the negative symptoms of DID, including making persecutors worse. You are physically putting a patient in danger if you refuse to acknowledge alters.)


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My poor face is really sensitive. I think it’s the hair dyeing. It got brushed a lot and it hates that. I’m glad that the purple is going on tomorrow after a bit of sleep and it’s had time to calm down.

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On the way to purple hair this happened (after bleach)

Leaving it this way tonight because I don’t want to push the hair too much and it’s late. Also, it looks kinda cool in a weird way.

(top row Tor, bottom row me)


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shipscompany reblogged your post shipscompany: dear teen alters, there… and added:

sure it´s not the worst part. but it sucks a lot.

I’d much rather deal with that than having to clean up my alters abusing my friends and screwing up my relationships, or, fun fun, burning me.

u know, it’s not the fukin ‘who has it worse’ olympics. I’m sure shipscompany has to deal with shit like that too. That post just wasn’t about it.

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I wish I had more boob.

I have a little boob, but it would be good if there was more.

As a girl currently in a body with fair sized boobs, you don’t want them. People look. And they look like sad lemons without a bra.

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need a haircut :p
Tor x

need a haircut :p

Tor x

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Lookin around, I cant help but feel so fukin proud of this system. We really giv it our all to get on and shit and, yh, I’m the biggest thret this system has right now and I’m currently cleaning up - to crappy music because I can.

So, I’m really fukin proud of all the work we put into keepin it together.

Our abusers and the bastard alter we keep locked up will not win.

I am so fukin proud of us.


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Attempting to make microwave brownies in mugs.

Wish me luck.



Nothing blew up.

I am a culinary goddess.

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Attempting to make microwave brownies in mugs.

Wish me luck.


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Anonymous said: Does anyone have a relationship out if the system? Or does anyone have their eyes on someone outside of the system? If so who and who do they have their eyes on?

No, none of us are in a relationship right now. I think a few people have eyes on people but I’m not a shit stirer so I ain’t gonna say anything.


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